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Open Dance Works
March 17, 3:00pm

Use this form to register to present a work-in-progress

There will be time to present about 6 works that are 8 minutes each. Then each choreographer will get about 12 minutes to speak with the audience about their work specifically. If the showings are shorter in length, we may be able to have more. Please be specific about the length of the work you are showing. No more than 8 minutes are allowed, so choose the 8 minutes you want the most feedback. There is a $20 registration fee to help with the studio rental costs. This event is free to the audience. We will provide a light snack and drinks.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide  consistent community events and activities that promote the art of modern dance and interdisciplinary collaborations for dancers and non-dancers in the area. To build relationships with artists and audiences furthering our educational reach by providing financially accessible performances, given by dancers and choreographers within the community.

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