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DanceArtTheater is a professional modern dance company based in the DMV area. Our goal is to provide consistent community events for dancers and non-dancers in the greater DMV area. We also offer financially accessible performances for the public, given by modern dancers within the DMV community. We strive to continually build relationships with artists of all disciplines to collaborate on interdisciplinary art projects and further our educational reach. DanceArtTheater welcomes a diversity of people and wants to work with other artists in the community to enhance the joy that comes from training, performing and observing the art of dance, specifically modern dance. The company was established in April 2014 and is directed by Meredith Barnes. DanceArtTheater has performed in Philadelphia, Richmond, New York, and of course throughout the DMV area. This includes two full length works, and over 12 short works performed at Capital Fringe, DanceLoft, Joy of Motion, Fredgren Studio Theater, Ernst Community Theater, Harris Theatre, Chaiken Auditorium, and more.  Here is what local critics have to say: “the artists and dancers were all beautiful to watch…...this performance is a fine example of what artistic collaboration looks like, incorporating the skillsets of three individuals and coming away with a complex, intriguing performance piece.” Arielle Ostry DC Theatre Scene “This performance was extremely professional, well rehearsed, and filled with obvious talent. After moving through the story with the ensemble, I loved how it reached a lovely, yet unexpected ending. When it was over, I wanted it to see more.” Garinè Isassi DC Metro Theater Arts.

The Director 

Meredith Barnes has performed for many years throughout the United States and abroad. She received her dance training from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she received a BFA in dance choreography and performance. Meredith Barnes’ choreography has been showcased in numerous venues.


She has choreographed over 20 works for companies like Joffrey Ballet Workshop, Terpsichorean Dance Company, Auburn University "Daunce", Yes Virginia Dance, Black College Dance Exchange, Cora de Vicenza, Co- Motion Dance Company, Lawton City Ballet, Mid-America Dance Network showcase, and many other choreography concerts. 

Meredith Barnes is the director of Fairfax Academy's dance program for Fairfax County Public Schools, teaching and making dancers for the next generation. 

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