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Spring Equinox- DanceArtTheater

Choreography- Meredith Barnes and dancers

Dancers- Alex Miegel, Andrea Cook, Stephanie MBerego, Kari Argabright

Music- Kevin Keller


Theirs- Artbysolo

Choreography- Mariah Lopez
Dancers- Jamie Solomon and Cecilia Shang

Music- Jocelyn Pook

Chasing the Moon- Next Reflex Dance Collective

Choreography- Roxann Morgan Rowley

Dancers- Sara Cooper, Carly Johnson, Cecilia Powers, Tori nterberger, Denise Urban, Ed Yates, Maggie Wilder


Demain J’Arrete- McKhelton Deux

Choreography- Erin McKinney

Dancers- Mary Shelton, Erin McKinney

Music- Ben L'Oncle Soul

Disentango- DanceArtTheater

Choreography- Meredith Barnes

Dancers- Moira Ragen, Megan Ellard, Melissa Tubach, Alex Miegel, Andrea Cook, Stephanie Mberego, Sabina Vitola Paredes

Music- Astor Piazzolla

::flux- Terre Dance Collective     

Choreography- Robert Rubama

Dancers- Robin Auerswald, Dylan Lambert

Music- Philip Glass

Summer Solstice- DanceArtTheater

Choreography- Meredith Barnes and dancers

Dancers- Melissa Tubach, Kari Argabright, Sabina Vitola Paredes, Stephanie Mberego

Music- Olafur Arnalds


Intermission- 15 minutes

Harvest Moon- DanceArtTheater

Choreography- Meredith Barnes and dancers

Dancers- Moira Ragen, Melissa Tubach, Megan Ellard, Sabina Vitola Paredes

Music- Kevin Keller

Bite Your Tongue- DanceEthos

Choreography- Tiffany Haughn

Dancers- Vanessa Rowan and Donnie Walker

Music- “Six Breaths: I. Breath, Draw Breath” by Ezio Bosso; edited by Tiffany Haughn


The Call- Jasmine Tubach Choreography

Choreography- Jasmine Tubach

Dancer- Jasmine Tubach

Music- The Call featuring Damian Chechlacz

Perpetual Altitude- DanceArtTheater     

Choreography- Megan Ellard and Melissa Tubach

Dancers- Megan Ellard, Melissa Tubach

Music- Nils Frahm, Anne Muller

Ain’t Too Proud To Beg- Sundays on TAP               

Choreography- Candace Turitto

Dancers- Brittany Bastidas, Michelle Michaels, Michaela Simoneau, Heidi Stafford, Janelle Thomas, Candace Turitto

Music- The Temptations

Falling- Company|E

Choreography- Paul Gordon Emerson

Dancers- Imani Breje, Horizon Miguel

Music- Arvo Part--"Stabat Mater"

Winter Eclipse- DanceArtTheater

Choreography- Meredith Barnes and dancers

Dancers- Kari Argabright, Andrea Cook, Megan Ellard, Stephanie Mberego, Alex Miegel, Moira Ragen, Melissa Tubach, Sabina Vitola Paredes

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